Prohibition blues are over, so celebrate craft beer!

This past December 5th we celebrated the 80th anniversary of the repeal of prohibition.  If you know anything at all about Prohibition, you know that is was a massive failure. The 13-year period of prohibition marked a very dark time in the United States.  Organized crime rose drastically due to the outlaw of alcohol. Law enforcement systems were corrupted and a general disrespect for the law began.

Road Crew Wanted!

Southbound Brewing Co. Road Crew

Our first "Beer Buzz" column for Savannah Morning News!

When Do approached us about writing this new monthly column, we were more than thrilled for the opportunity to share our knowledge and love of craft beer with all of you. We’ve been in the beer industry for more than six years, each working in breweries in Georgia, South Carolina and now finally completing the dream of opening Southbound Brewing Co. here in Savannah. It’s been a long trip, but we’re almost ready to give y’all your newest hometown microbrewery.